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 [CD+DVD] Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Nanji, Ware wa Zennou no Mono Nari~

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MessageSujet: [CD+DVD] Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Nanji, Ware wa Zennou no Mono Nari~   Ven 9 Mai - 16:09

Name: Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana~Shi to Byoudou no Tsumi no Naka de~

Category: Maxi Single

Day of publication: May 9th 2007

Statut: Available

Price: 15.95€

Buy now --> Jmusic Store

Track list: 01. Prayer
02. Fuzai toiu Genjitsu E
03. Last Dance
04. GOD forsaken - boku ha kimi no kikazatta shintai o kyouyuu suru sekai no rinjin nado de ha nai

Comment: Doubtless the best three maxi of the same name, this second volume reflects well the constant evolution of Dio. We find a lign bass more present in Fuzai Toiu genjitsu E and Last Dance is a little more elaborated than Yuki Hana, God Forsaken (and its double-barrelled name) is the best by far of the maxi, but also the most known by the public. Very pleasant of listening, most of people who listen it can't do without it any more. Once again the CD is accompanied by a DVD " KETSUBETSU NO ATO FUUIN " which is a continuation of the story of the first volume. The voice is stressful, and the atmosphere is rather mysterious, dark. Well, this story is only an entertainment to support and connect PV between them. But it is rather funny all the same.

Note: 8.5/10
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[CD+DVD] Byakuya ni Moyuru Hana ~Nanji, Ware wa Zennou no Mono Nari~
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